College Assignment 2

(Poem for FutureLearn course. Wrote this when I was 16)


You blame yourself constantly.

It is not your fault.

You had no control in the matter.

What happened, happened.

You apologize to your loved ones.

It’s ok, it is not your fault.

If you could have controlled it, it wouldn’t have happened.

It’s in the past and the past you can’t change, no matter what.

The only one you can blame is life.

Well just to let you know, I am still here.

I still care and I still love you.

You can’t get rid of me or make me stop caring and loving you.

I said I was gonna be here for you and here I am.

You can’t see me but I am here.

Watching you,

Listening to you,

Caring for you,

Loving you,

Here I am, this is the way I am.

I am gonna be here till the end of time.

And till the end of your and I will watch you.

Hope you make the right choices,

Listening to you,

Caring for you,

And loving you.

I am here for you, don’t forget that.

Love forever!




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