College Assignment 3

(Poem for FutureLearn course. Wrote this when I was 16)


Colours flow through my head,

Purples, reds and blues,

Coming in a flood of colours,

Trying to think of the best collaboration of colours,

Light starts to drip into the room through the window,

A beautiful gold with a dab of sparkle,

The silver moon and stars have gone away for now,

I go to the window and then it hits me,

The most beautiful sight ever.

The dew dripping off the trees,

And in the distance looking towards the horizon,

The most wonderful sight of purple, reds and blues,

And more shades in between.

I take a picture with my minds eye,

I rush over to my canvass,

Two hours later a masterpiece is born,

I smile with great pride at the beauty of my art.

I bow my head and thank God for such a beautiful place to live,

A tear escapes me as I think of how much it is getting worse,

And how all the beauty is going away forever and I cry with God,

And all the angels who weep for the beauty will soon be gone,

The grey dullness will fill the sight and there will be no more sunrises,

Or sunsets, or see the beauty of dew dripping off the lushes green trees.

I will make sure that I capture as much beauty that God has given us,

For when that day comes when there is no more beauty on this Earth,

I will still have my painting to look at,

Those beautiful glimpses of heaven.



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