Class discussion

Theme: Coping with Stress


Stress has been in my life since I was 12yrs old & my younger sister was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at age 5.

A couple years later I decided instead of feeling sad, I would turn it into anger. I would fuel that anger in my head & stay in state of anger for most of the time. In 2009 I decided to put an end to living like that. I was at the point where getting angry made me throw up. It’s been hard to let go of all that anger but today I am a happier person.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get stressed out & angry but I know how to handle it in healthy ways. I did some counseling a couple years back to get some tools to deal with life & they have helped tons.

I have always used music as a way to deal with my emotions, if I’m mad, I either find music that is hard or I listen to happy upbeat music, it depends on how mad I am. If I do listen to something hard, it’s only for a bit & then I move on to other music. Singing along & dancing helps too.

Nature is another way I use to destress but due to health issues, I can’t always get out in nature.


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