College Short Story

Jenny’s Journey

Soft music began to slowly fill the room, signalling it was eight am and time to get up for the day. However, Jenny wasn’t ready to wake up, she had finally fallen asleep three hours ago after a long night of agony and several trips to the bathroom. She didn’t want to leave the comfort of her bed, moving caused her pain. It was like this every day for the last five years, ever since she was diagnose with Endometriosis at the young age of nineteen.

Jenny was really struggling with her health and feeling depressed. It had been two years since she had to stop working due to the unpredictability of her illness. Her friends slowly pulled away, each cancelled plan was a nail in the coffin until they stopped talking to her all together last year. Moving around was starting to cause her too much pain so she decided that she was going to stay in bed. She bought a small TV for her room and only left her bed to go to the bathroom, grab food or go to doctors. After a couple months, she began to experience pain in her feet and legs when she was standing for half an hour and after two hours she needed to sit down. When she started to experience pain around her hips two months later, she realized her new pains were from lack of movement. That made her feel even worse, moving was now agony, she was trapped in a vicious cycle. One night when she was up late because of the pain, she decided to see if anyone was online in her support group. She ended up pouring her heart out to a user and afterwards, they suggest she get a pet to help her stay active and to help with the loneliness. Jenny liked the idea and began to research smart dog breeds, she wanted one that would be able to fetch things for her if she needed it.

Jenny ended up responding to an ad about English Setter puppies for sale and a week later headed over to look at them. It was easy to find the house, there was a pen in the front yard that had 5 puppies playing around in it and a couple kids squealing in delight at the puppies piled onto each other. There were some adults off to the side quietly talking to themselves so Jenny decided to head over to the puppies and see if there was one she wanted to take home.

Chad had been talking to some people that were interested in buying one of his puppies when he first saw Jenny. Her fiery red hair appeared incandescent in the sun as she bent to pick up one of the puppies. He couldn’t help but smile as the puppy started to lick her face like it was covered in food and wiggle it’s body in excitement as she held the pup close. Chad excused himself and headed over to her to introduce himself and see if she had any questions. Her green eyes, as deep and endless as space met his and for a moment his breath caught in his throat, she had to be one of the most beautiful women he had seen.

“It looks like he really likes you a lot” Chad commented as the puppy cuddled up to her.

“Good cause I think I really like him a lot too” she happily replied as she continued to pet the puppy in her arms.

Chad decided to give her his number in case she had any problems but secretly he also hoped she would call to hang out. Jenny wasn’t like any other girl he had met, she seemed more laid back and she didn’t dress to impress, she wore what was comfortable and the confidence she had in that was hotter than a girl in a skin tight short black dress.

They ended up going on dates, often watching movies on Jenny’s couch because she wasn’t feeling well enough to go out like the plans originally were. Jenny was starting to hate that they had to keep changing their plans but Chad reassured her it’s ok. One night Chad showed up to take her out to dinner but found her crying in agony on the bathroom floor. He scooped down to pick her up, carried her to the couch and sat down so that she was still wrapped in his arms.

“It’s ok if we stay in tonight” Chad tried to reassure her.

“I hate how we can never do what we planned, we can never plan to go on a vacation or anything!” she sobbed into his chest. “I don’t know how you can stand the inconstancy all the time”

Chad hugged her tight and told her how his Dad was diagnosed with cancer when he was a kid. He learned that plans change, some of his best memories involved plans changing. Life is unpredictable but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Chad introduced Jenny to “Random Adventures”, when she had a break in pain, they would jump in the car and drive. At first Jenny was skeptical but they got the car ready anyways: a puke bucket, a role of toilet paper, bottled water and some pain medications. After a couple successful “Random Adventures” Jenny wasn’t feeling as guilty about having to cancel plans when she was unwell.

A year later and Jenny never regretted her decision to get a dog and was starting to get into a serious relationship with Chad. Now she had a reason to get out of bed even though it hurt. Teddy, her dog, never complained if she kept ranting about how much pain she was in. If she passed out on the bathroom floor after a long night of throwing up, he would cuddle up beside her. He was always there to comfort her when she needed it, she was never alone again.


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