Endometriosis rant

Ok I need to rant  bit here. Another EndoSister has committed suicide in hopes of raising awareness for Endometriosis https://www.instagram.com/p/BVpl1udHJqu/

I can’t even begin to tell you how upsetting this is & I don’t even know the woman. This could be any one of us, & by us I mean 176+ million women globally. We’ve all felt defeated by this illness, angry that we’re being ignored & silenced because….what female reproductive organs are involved? Cause really that’s the only thing that makes sense.

Currently there are about 3 million women living with breast cancer in the U.S but 6.3 million women & girls living with Endometriosis. That’s 1-in 10 women. Yet there is hardly any information on Endometriosis, hardly anyone knows about the disease & the only treatment options are band-aids at best.

As it takes 7-11yrs for diagnoses of Endometriosis, the fact that someone women are misdiagnosed with something else & that some women don’t have any symptoms, there could be more than 176+Million globally with Endometriosis.

Now I feel like if this were happening to men, this would be a whole different story. People would know about the disease & there would be better treatment options. Hell even if this were something that cattle suffered with, there would be more progress. There is no way they wouldn’t investigate something that makes 5-10 cows have fertility issues.

Over in Australia there is a study being done on how Endometriosis effects the sex life of men. Seriously!?! Is that the only way we can get progress, show men how it effects them?