Government of B.C wants to hear from you re:cannabis

In April 2017, the Government of Canada introduced the Cannabis Act & amendments to the Criminal Code to address cannabis impaired driving with plans to make non-medical cannabis legal in Canada by July 2018.

In addition, the federal government plans to move as quickly as possible to bring into force the amendments related to drug-impaired driving.

While the proposed Cannabis Act provides for the federal government to regulate commercial production, provinces and territories will have authority to regulate certain aspects like distribution, retail and a range of other matters – as they do for tobacco and liquor. For example, B.C. will determine how and where cannabis can be sold and where it can be consumed in our province.

To be ready in time for July 2018, we want to hear from you about how we can implement this in a responsible way.

We are asking for your thoughts on the topics like minimum age, personal possession limits, public consumption, drug-impaired driving, personal cultivation and distribution and retail models. All of these changes will require careful thought to ensure the right balance is struck for moving forward. These changes are happening across Canada, and we want you to help shape the way it is going to happen here in B.C

Submit your feedback online by November 1, 2017 14 at 4pm


Phoenix Tears Update

Wow has it really been 46 days since I started taking Phoenix Tears & CBD tincture twice daily…..time has just flown by.

Ok so like I have mentioned in my other updates, I’m still not getting physically ill when I’m stressed.

I spent an entire week outside of Nelson, B.C house sitting for my Dad while is fighting forest fires & my Uncles were on a fishing trip. Thankfully my younger sister came on the trip with me so we spit the chores in half. We had to take care of chickens & a bunch of small gardens twice a day. On top of that we had to walk from my Dad/Uncles place to the hotel we were staying in, which is about a block & a half away.

I had really bad anxiety the entire trip, it didn’t feel right & I just wanted to be back home with my fiance. I realized that I have been like that since I was a little girl, I would have a hard time at sleepovers or ask to get picked up because I wanted to be back at home.

Anyways, so despite that week of bad anxiety & some stresses because it was a bit of a gong show with instructions, I was able to get through it with minimal issues. There were only two mornings where I wasn’t able to get up in the morning to do chores but I always was able to bounce back & able to eat food & do the chores evening.

I’m just super excited that stress is no longer making me physically ill & limiting what I can do.

Small Rant

Recently saw an article that advocated drinking wine for a long life & now this one about coffee. OK, moderation folks is the key here.
Alcohol & caffeine are more addictive than cannabis, more toxic than cannabis & are bigger gateway drugs than cannabis yet they are legal. No one asks for ID when someone orders coffee, it’s not even a requirement.
Hollywood promotes drinking whenever we have feelings,
feel happy = drink,
feel mad = drink,
feel sad = drink
NO wonder there are so many addicts.

Update: Trying Phoenix Tears

Another update:

Update on my phoenix tears experience:
(For the record, I’ve been doing this for 10 days now)

So I’ve been sticking on top of the phoenix tears (I have 1 CBD & 1 THC) & CBD tincture. Still sleeping so much better than I had been. My main reason for this update is for what happened last night & today. I was in a super stressful situation last night & was dreading today because I knew I was going to be throwing up lots & having diarrhea.

Well to my shock & delight, today feels like a normal day. I haven’t thrown up at all today & had a normal bowel movement. I wish I could explain how shocked I am because this is not normal at all. With how stressed I was last night, it should have taken it’s toll on my body but it hasn’t. I’m pretty sure that the only reason I am ok today is because of taking the phoenix tears & CBD tincture. I am so excited!! Yes I try to do things that limit my stress but sometimes life happens & it’s unavoidable. I’ve never known if there was anything I could do after the stress even to limit its toll on my body, normal hoots aren’t enough.

It’s still early into this experiment but I am super happy with this result & hope that this is how it is from now on if I get super stressed.