PTSD poem

A poem about the loss of a child from our PTSD week.


On the Death of my First and Dearest Child, Hector Philips, born the 23rd of April, and died the 2nd of May 1655

Twice forty months in wedlock I did stay,
Then had my vows crowned with a lovely boy.
And yet in forty days he dropped away;
O swift vicissitude of human joy!

I did but see him, and he disappeared,
I did but touch the rosebud, and it fell;
A sorrow unforeseen and scarcely feared,
So ill can mortals their afflictions spell.

And now (sweet babe) what can my trembling heart
Suggest to right my doleful fate or thee?
Tears are my muse, and sorrow all my art,
So piercing groans must be thy elegy.

Thus whilst no eye is witness of my moan,
I grieve thy loss (ah, boy too dear to live!)
And let the unconcerned world alone,
Who neither will, nor can refreshment give.

An offering too for thy sad tomb I have,
Too just a tribute to thy early hearse;
Receive these gasping numbers to thy grave,
The last of thy unhappy mother’s verse.

Katherine Philips (1632 – 1664)



Class discussion

Theme: Coping with Stress


Stress has been in my life since I was 12yrs old & my younger sister was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at age 5.

A couple years later I decided instead of feeling sad, I would turn it into anger. I would fuel that anger in my head & stay in state of anger for most of the time. In 2009 I decided to put an end to living like that. I was at the point where getting angry made me throw up. It’s been hard to let go of all that anger but today I am a happier person.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get stressed out & angry but I know how to handle it in healthy ways. I did some counseling a couple years back to get some tools to deal with life & they have helped tons.

I have always used music as a way to deal with my emotions, if I’m mad, I either find music that is hard or I listen to happy upbeat music, it depends on how mad I am. If I do listen to something hard, it’s only for a bit & then I move on to other music. Singing along & dancing helps too.

Nature is another way I use to destress but due to health issues, I can’t always get out in nature.