Phoenix Tears Update

Wow has it really been 46 days since I started taking Phoenix Tears & CBD tincture twice daily…..time has just flown by.

Ok so like I have mentioned in my other updates, I’m still not getting physically ill when I’m stressed.

I spent an entire week outside of Nelson, B.C house sitting for my Dad while is fighting forest fires & my Uncles were on a fishing trip. Thankfully my younger sister came on the trip with me so we spit the chores in half. We had to take care of chickens & a bunch of small gardens twice a day. On top of that we had to walk from my Dad/Uncles place to the hotel we were staying in, which is about a block & a half away.

I had really bad anxiety the entire trip, it didn’t feel right & I just wanted to be back home with my fiance. I realized that I have been like that since I was a little girl, I would have a hard time at sleepovers or ask to get picked up because I wanted to be back at home.

Anyways, so despite that week of bad anxiety & some stresses because it was a bit of a gong show with instructions, I was able to get through it with minimal issues. There were only two mornings where I wasn’t able to get up in the morning to do chores but I always was able to bounce back & able to eat food & do the chores evening.

I’m just super excited that stress is no longer making me physically ill & limiting what I can do.

Small Rant

Recently saw an article that advocated drinking wine for a long life & now this one about coffee. OK, moderation folks is the key here.
Alcohol & caffeine are more addictive than cannabis, more toxic than cannabis & are bigger gateway drugs than cannabis yet they are legal. No one asks for ID when someone orders coffee, it’s not even a requirement.
Hollywood promotes drinking whenever we have feelings,
feel happy = drink,
feel mad = drink,
feel sad = drink
NO wonder there are so many addicts.

Update: Trying Phoenix Tears

Another update:

Update on my phoenix tears experience:
(For the record, I’ve been doing this for 10 days now)

So I’ve been sticking on top of the phoenix tears (I have 1 CBD & 1 THC) & CBD tincture. Still sleeping so much better than I had been. My main reason for this update is for what happened last night & today. I was in a super stressful situation last night & was dreading today because I knew I was going to be throwing up lots & having diarrhea.

Well to my shock & delight, today feels like a normal day. I haven’t thrown up at all today & had a normal bowel movement. I wish I could explain how shocked I am because this is not normal at all. With how stressed I was last night, it should have taken it’s toll on my body but it hasn’t. I’m pretty sure that the only reason I am ok today is because of taking the phoenix tears & CBD tincture. I am so excited!! Yes I try to do things that limit my stress but sometimes life happens & it’s unavoidable. I’ve never known if there was anything I could do after the stress even to limit its toll on my body, normal hoots aren’t enough.

It’s still early into this experiment but I am super happy with this result & hope that this is how it is from now on if I get super stressed.